12 May, 2018
7 Palace Yum Cha Restaurant, Shop 50/156, Inala Avenue, Inala QLD 4077

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Fundraising Dinner Brisbane Saturday 12/05/2018 at 7 Palace Yum Cha Restaurant – Shop 50/156, Inala Avenue, Inala QLD 4077.
You are invited to attend our fundraising dinner in supporting AVCF2018 mission to Tra Vinh in August this year.
Our plan is to operate cataracts, provide medical assessments, dental treatments, hearing aids for poor people in that area.
The main aim behind holding event is to raise funds for our annual medical field trip, which will be at Tra Cu in August this year. Tra Cu is coastal village of Tra Vinh Province, it is 150 km from Saigon. Tra Cu has a population of more than 180,000 and 60 percent are ethnic Khmer. It is an agriculture village with approximately 83% of population living in poor condition.
Since 2015 AVCF has done three mission field trips in Quang Nam, Nghe An and Kontum. We have restored more than 300 blindness due to cataract, provided more than 3000 medical examinations and dental treatments, and distributed more than 3000 educational packs and humanitarian aid gifts for disaster relief in Nghi Hoa, Hung Nguyen and Damrey typhoon Disaster.

This Year in Tra Cu Village, AusViet Charity Foundation aims to provide:

  1. 1000 general medical examinations (including basic clinical tests such as blood test, ultrasound, hearing tests, medical education and treatments, distribution of medications, and referrals for further management if necessary.
  2. 1000 dental treatments (including general dental, dental extractions, tooth fillings & root canal treatments).
  3. 100 cataract operations by phacoemulsification.
  4. 1000 gift packs for children to support their schooling (including notebooks, pens, crayons and schoolbags).
  5. 300 food parcels for poor families.

Please contact us for your support and tickets. You can email us at drlocto@avcf.org.au or phone 0422 940 324 (Dr Loc To) and 0401 965 311 (Mrs Khanh Nguyen).

All Donation over 2 dollars are tax deductible