25 May, 2019
7 Palace Yum Cha Restaurant, Shop 50/156, Inala Avenue, Inala QLD 4077

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Fundraising Dinner Brisbane Saturday 25/05/2019 at 7 Palace Yum Cha Restaurant – Shop 50/156, Inala Avenue, Inala QLD 4077

Please come and join with us to support our Yen Lap Mission 2019.

Yen Lap is a mountainous district, which is located in the northwest region of Phu Tho province with a population of 87,000 and is about 60 kilometres from Viet Tri, which is the capital of Phu Tho province. More than 5000 families are classified as poor that need help. The harsh weather and challenging landscapes have made the agricultural life difficult. There are 17 different ethnics living together, with Hmong people accounting for 71 percent of local population.

This year, AusViet Charity Foundation aims to provide:

  • 1000 general medical examinations
  • 500 dental treatments
  • 100 cataract operations
  • 1000 school gifts packs for children,
  • 300 food parcels for poor local families, and
  • Days for Girls

Please contact us for your support and tickets at 0401 965 311 (Mrs Khanh) or 0411 190 912 (Mrs Ho Lan)

All Donation over 2 dollars are tax deductible