During last October 2020, multiple severe storms downstruct Central Vietnam with high speed wind that created serious damage for local people. Flooding and landslides killed more than 300 persons and many were unaccounted. The disaster extended one-quarter of the country that caused more than a million displaced people, thousand of houses were destroyed, million of domestic animals and hectares of crops were lost.

AusViet Charity Foundation sent $50,000.00 for urgent relief. However, the project’s budget is up to $150,000.00.

Our project has 2 stages:

  1. Urgent relief
    1500 poor families in flooded areas will receive food, blankets, mosquito net, water purification tablets.  Our local medical teams also provide medical check, treat health problems and promote preventive measures.
  2. Rebuilding
    AVCF provides seedlings, domestic animal for farmers. We supply building materials to repair damaged houses and build new homes for the poor people who completely lost their home.

AusViet Charity Foundation appeals for you support to carry on those works. It is sponsored by Rotary Club of Carlingford and RAMCS. AusViet Charity Foundation is recognised as a foreign non-government organisation in Vietnam and has operated for many years. All the donations are tax deductible.

You also can donate to:

AusViet Charity Foundation Limited
BSB: 082 330 National Australia Bank
Account No: 7299 19417

You can contact us by email or phone as:

Dr Phuoc Vo OAM
Email: drphuocvo@avcf.org.au
Phone: 0412 331 991