In the verdant hills of Yen Lap District, Phu Tho Province, a transformative journey unfolded in August 2019, thanks to the unwavering dedication of AusViet Charity Foundation (AVCF). With a team of over 100 volunteers, including doctors, nurses, and dentists, AVCF embarked on a mission to bring hope and health to the community.

Their efforts yielded extraordinary results: 951 general examinations, 3400 medical prescriptions dispensed, and 482 dental treatments provided, predominantly to children. Additionally, 141 physiotherapy sessions, 119 eye examinations, and the distribution of 180 reading glasses and sunglasses addressed vital healthcare needs. Their dedication to holistic care is evident in the distribution of 135 hearing aids, 100 blood tests, and 45 ultrasound scans. Moreover, their commitment to education and humanitarian aid is exemplified by the provision of 544 educational gift packs to children and 350 humanitarian gift packs to impoverished families.

During their mission, AVCF observed a critical need—a lack of dental services in Yen Lap. Determined to address this gap, AVCF embarked on a journey to make the community’s dream a reality. Through relentless fundraising efforts, AVCF acquired essential dental equipment, culminating in the establishment of a dental clinic earlier this year.

The inauguration of the dental clinic in March 2024 marked a momentous occasion, celebrated with an official ceremony attended by esteemed AVCF members: Ms. Hang Nguyen, Ms. Trang Tan, and her assistant. Since its inception, the clinic has been a beacon of hope, offering free dental services to the community. Each smile transformed and pain alleviated stands as a testament to AVCF’s enduring commitment to serve. In Yen Lap, AVCF’s legacy shines brightly, paving the way for a healthier, brighter future for all.