Dear Friends, Supporters and Volunteers,

I am very pleased to let you know that our AVCF 2016 mission in Nghi Thuan, Nghi Loc, Nghe An province is now complete and successful. More than 70 volunteers participated in this mission. The team worked efficiently and professionally in an immensely difficult setting – with temperatures up to 42 degrees Celcius.
Our team treated 1050 dental patients by performing teeth extractions, dental fillings and root canal treatments. The medical team performed 970 general medical assessments and provided free medicines for appropriate conditions.
Our team also restored vision for 50 people who were blinded by cataracts. In addition, 14 patients with deafness were given hearing aids.
More than 150 food parcels were distributed to poor families of the village on the last day. Our team donated 1500 stationary gift packs for children after their dental treatment and in the nearby orphanages.

The full report will be published in due course.

Once again, AusViet Charity Foundation would like to acknowledge the generous contributions from our donors from Australia, Vietnam and all around the world. With both financial and material donations, our volunteers are able to help poor people in needs.

Our volunteers are from different backgrounds and professions but share the same mind, heart and willingness to help.

Many thanks to our AVCF volunteers that dedicated their time in extreme heat conditions to fulfill their roles in achieving the team’s goals.

The success of the trip does not belong to any individual – it is the result of team work. However, I must mention a number of people who spent a lot of time and effort to make this trip: Dr Tai Nguyen, Dr Tam Nguyen, Ms Therese Nguyen and many other people behind the scene.

Thank you all,
Dr Phuoc Vo

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