Dear volunteers, friends, and supporters,

AusViet Charity Foundation (AVCF) is pleased to announce that AVCF 2019 Mission will be in Yen Lap District of Phu Tho Province in Northern Vietnam. It is from Friday 2 August 2019 to Saturday 10 August 2019.

This is a challenging but rewarding mission. All volunteers are responsible for covering the cost of airfares, accommodation transport and meals during the mission. AVCF is able to organise all this for you with the cost being roughly $2000 per Australian volunteer for the whole trip. This, however, does not include incidental expenses and activities you choose to do on the free time before and after the mission, during these periods you are responsible for your own accommodation, meals and transport.

It is important where possible that we all fly out together with your state volunteers, as the extra baggage allowances can then be used to transport our medical and dental supplies. By doing this we can save money which would otherwise have to be spent toward excess baggage cost, thus more money can be directed to those in need. It is also more convenient for our Vietnamese volunteers to pick us up from the airport all at the same time. Therefore, if volunteers would like to include a period of time for holiday, we recommend where possible to schedule this for after the field trip.

Phu Tho is a low mountainous region and is 85km from Hanoi on the west. The land is about 1500 square kilometres with its population of 1.4 million people in 11 districts and 2 cities. More than 65 percent of lands are stiff hills and mountain. This province is known as the birthplace of Vietnam where the first king ruled more than 4000 years ago. This is an agriculture area with more than 30 different ethnic minorities. Phu Tho is considered one of the poor provinces of Vietnam.

Yen Lap is a mountainous district, which is located in the northwest region of Phu Tho province with a population of 87,000 and is about 60 kilometres from Viet Tri, which is the capital of Phu Tho province. More than 5000 families are classified as poor that need help. The harsh weather and challenging landscapes have made the agricultural life difficult. There are 17 different ethnics living together, with Hmong people accounting for 71 percent of local population.

AusViet Charity Foundation aims to provide:

  • 1000 general medical examinationsthat include blood tests, diagnostic ultrasound examinations, medications and other medical treatments, health educations and referrals.
  • 500 dental treatmentsmostly for children that include general dental, extraction, fillings and root canal treatments.
  • 100 cataract operations by phacoemulsification.
  • 200 hearing tests and hearing aids.
  • 1000 school gifts packs for children which includes notebooks, pens, pencils and school bag, and
  • 300 food parcels for poor local families.

Have you ever thought of doing something satisfying, and of great services for the poor and disadvantaged in Vietnam? This is an opportunity to be a volunteer of AVCF 2019 Mission. AusViet Charity Foundation is now calling for expression of interest to participate in this field trip.

  1. General medical team: general practitioners, nurses, sonographers and health educators. Please contact Dr Loc To by email or mobile 0422 940 324
  2. Dental team: dentists, oral hygienist, dental nurses, assistants. Please contact Dr Henry Ho by email or mobile 0414 698 126
  3. Pharmacy team: pharmacists, pharmacy assistants. Please contact Ms Lee Nguyen by email or mobile 0426 700 578
  4. Ophthalmology team: ophthalmologists, anaesthetists, optometrists, orthoptist, theatre nurses. Please contact Dr Phuoc Vo by email or mobile 0412 331 991
  5. Other health professionals: physiotherapists, audiologists and allied health professionals. Please contact Dr Phuoc Vo by email or mobile 0412 331 991
  6. Administrative support staffs, logistic support staffs: Please contact Ms Phuong Dang by email or mobile phone 0403 710 004

If you are interested to be part of this exciting, hard-working field trip, please contact these above nominated persons or by sending email to to register your interest.

We will let you know the outcomes as early as possible. If you have any queries regarding this mission, you can directly discuss with us on 0412 331 991.

Kind Regards

Dr Phuoc Vo OAM
Organising Committee