AusViet Charity Foundation is going to organise a combined field trip to Vietnam at the end of July this year for 10 days in Northern Central Vietnam.

The purposes of the trip are providing free medical assessments for the poor, dental treatment for children, cataract surgeries and temporary famine relief. All the work will be carried out by Australian volunteers in cooperation with local volunteers.
All volunteers must pay their own expenses that include airfares, accommodation and meals. AVCF tries to keep at minimal cost.

The following are details of the trip:

  1. Date: from Friday 29 July 2016 to Saturday 6 August 2016
  2. Venue: Nghi Thuan village that is 14 km from City of Vinh on northern side. It is about 1400 kilometers from Saigon. The village has about 8000 people in 17 communes. More than 50 percent of population are Catholics.
    About 1.5 percent of local have some disabilities and homelessness. More than 2000 children require dental assessment. The number of people have cataracts accounts about 4 percents.
    There is no local hospital but they have a small clinic that was built more than 50 years ago without air-conditioners.
    This area has not seen any foreign medical team for more than 40 years.
    This area is frequently facing tropical typhoon in September-October each year
  3. The Field Works
    During 4 days at Nghi Thuan village, AVCF will provide:
    1200 general medical examinations, health education and providing treatments for certain medical conditions.
    1000 dental examinations and treatments including dental extraction, fillings and oral health education
    50 cataract surgeries due to poor hospital facilities
    250 parcels of food to be donated for poor familie

Our aim is ambitious and achievable. The success is dependent on our volunteers. We are asking for your expression of interest for this 2016 field trip. The following is the proposed human resources:

  1. Medical team: 8 general medical practitioners, 4 pharmacists, 2 nurses
  2. Dental team: 4-5 dentists, 4 dental nurses
  3. Surgical team: 1 anaesthetist, 2 ophthalmologists, 2 theatre nurses, 2 optometrists, 1 orthoptist
  4. Administrative staff: 4 volunteers
  5. Logistics and support staffs: 6 volunteers

If you are willing to be a part of this mission, please contact us via email at and register to be a volunteer.

You can also see more detail of our work on our webpages or on Facebook

The dateline for expression of interest is 31th March 2016.