Kon Tum is a poverty-stricken ethnic minority village located in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam. Being one of the poorest provinces of Vietnam, they are currently experiencing a famine as a result of poor harvest.

On 12 October 2015, with the help of your financial donations our AVCF volunteers in Vietnam have undertaken famine relief operations in Kon Tum. We have been able to purchase and distribute:

  • 2 tonnes of rice
  • 399 boxes of instant noodles
  • 300 bottles of soya sauce
  • 300kg of iodine salt
  • 300kg of sugar
  • 300 bottles of cooking oil
  • 50kg of salted dry fish
  • 1 large box of donated clothes
  • 300 toothbrushes
  • 100 toothpastes
  • 100 pieces of soap
  • 200 bags of detergent
  • and an assortment of essential medications.
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